Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jeanne Troxel

The Arboretum
Glass Mosaic

Jeanne Troxel is an artist with a great sense of design and color. She uses the medium of glass to provide an added dimension of light to her works.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Craig Blietz

Craig Blietz’s painting, “K - A Rural Kouros” has been juried into The Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The exhibition will run from August 11, 2012 thru October 28, 2012. A full color catalogue will accompany the exhibition.
Sarah Aubrey, the museums Curator of American Art, said “We received a record number of entries, all very high quality and in a range of media and subject. Reviewing all of the entries made it evident that Realism is definitely vital in this country.”  
Blietz’s painting depicts a standing nude figure, and results from his admiration for the Greek ‘Kouroi’ sculpture of approximately 540 B.C.  A Holstein cow skin forms a backdrop for the figure. 
Blietz’s work was also exhibited in the 2010 Contemporary Realism Biennial at The Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  Recently, Blietz had work included in the 2012 Biennial titled “Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now” at The Charles Allis Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jeong Han Yun

Handmade Paper
Paper Play 12-107.2

Jeong Han Yun combines the combination of Abstract Expressionism with the gestural quality of Korean Literati painting. Yun states, "The papers I make are an intimate feel I have for the natural, non-toxic materials. The handmade papers provide endless inspirations. All of my feelings, thoughts, and movements are stored int the cellulose of the barks, as if the fibers were my genes and DNA, stored in the paper and cloned to my artworks." 

Jeong Han Yun

Handmade Paper
Paper Play 12-107

One of two new works arriving at the gallery this week. Jeong Han Yun and his wife Choon Hyang Yun are South Korean artists now living in the US. They are instrumental in the development of the new techniques of traditional paper-making.  Their fusion of Asian and Western paper making techniques result in rich, textural works of vibrant color. The material of Jeong and Choon's work is most often extracted from the bark and flowers of the ancient Southeast Asian Dak tree.

Greg Huebner

Tribute #1
Acrylic on Canvas

This is the newest work from Greg Huebner. It is a dynamic image and has that wow factor. It would look great on a big blank wall in a home or business.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jeong Han Yun and Choon Hang Yun

I wanted to show the tremendous scale Jeong Han Yun and Choon Hang Yun are achieving in their paper works. They are working on some smaller scale works for the gallery that I will be reviewing hopefully at the end of the month.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jeong Han Yun and Choon Hang Yun

    Signed 2 fantastic artists with the gallery. I saw their works last week in a Portland gallery and contacted them about showing in Eye On Art. Jeong took the Google 3D tour of the gallery and really liked the space. They have signed to exhibit here and I am looking forward to showing their magnificent paper works here.