Friday, October 19, 2012

Nhat Tran

Dance Away , Emotion size 
14.5 " x 38.5"

I am so pleased to showcase the exciting works of Nhat Tran during the November Gallery Walk, November 10 and for the full month. Her most recent exhibition was at Yamawaki Gallery, Kyoto Gallery, and Kitakata City Museum of Art. Tran was commissioned by The Indianapolis Airport Authority for a large urushi lacquer mural, On the Tip of Our Wings, completed in September 2008 and inaugurated in October 2008, for the New Indianapolis Airport.

Jeong Han Yun

Handmad Paper

This was a commission work completed at the client's request. The couple saw Jeong Han's work in the gallery and wanted a larger work for their space. Jeong Han finished the new piece within a week and shipped directly to the client in Peoria.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Greg Huebner

Acrylic on Canvas

Another abstract work from Greg Huebner.  I like the energy and movement through this work. It reminds me of the movement of the baton, from a conductor would have in reaching the allegro of a symphonic work.