Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Otto Lange

Oil on Panel

Love his work...and ya gotta love his amazing ability. Three works coming to EYE ON ART Gallery. I can't say enough, but he can. His artist's statement: I want to make the best artwork that my abilities will allow.

I don't really like the title "artist" due to the fact that everything can be considered art (if it needs a whole lot of talk...it probably needs a little more work). I guess this would be my painter-drawer-occasional sculptor-statement. I work within a self-imposed set of parameters with respect to craftsmanship, chemistry, and my interpretation of aesthetic beauty. Lame? Yeah, I think it's the use of the word "beauty".

I don't really have much of a religious, political, social or moral agenda ( there's a whole "gang o' folks" who have that covered). Also, I change my mind too much to stick with any one philosophy.

I mostly paint about my life and my silly little observations.

So... I guess I just want to make the best work that my abilities will allow.